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Welcome to the JOI Bulletin Board. This section of our web site was created to provide a forum for dialogue among people who have a personal, emotional, intellectual or religious concern about interfaith issues affecting family and community. As is customary in such forums, we plead for courtesy in both the framing of questions and concerns as well as in offering guidance to others. All visitors are welcome to read the postings. But to add your own posting you must first sign in.

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Terms and Conditions of Service: The Jewish Outreach Institute Bulletin Board is to be used by people who have legitimate questions or answers or interfaith related non-offensive comments. JOI is a Jewish organization - any posts that portray the religion or members of the religion in a negative light will be deleted. Any user who posts a message that is deemed to be offensive, rude, anti-Jewish, anti-intermarriage or inappropriate in any other way as deemed by the moderators of the bulletin board will lose his/her right to post on the board. If you have any questions about these regulations, please email the JOI Webmaster.