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Introducing My Faith and My Community: The JOI Guide for the Christian in a Jewish Interfaith Relationship,
by JOI Executive Director Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky. Jewish Lights, 2004.

Seeks to introduce readers to Judaism and Jewish life in easy-to-understand terms and language whether they are married to or dating a Jewish man or woman, or are the parent or sibling of someone in an interfaith relationship.

Interfaith Families : Personal Stories of Jewish-Christian Intermarriage,
by Jane Kaplan. Praeger Publishers, 2004.

Couples in Jewish-Christian marriages describe their experiences and reveal intimate details of their lives as members of these unique families.

Making A Successful Jewish Interfaith Marriage: The Jewish Outreach Institute Guide to Opportunities, Challenges and Resources,
by JOI Executive Director Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky with Joan Petterson Littman. Jewish Lights, 2002.

Written mainly with the Jewish partner in an interfaith marriage in mind, this new book tackles all of the important issues including marriage, children, and the holidays.

Mixed Blessings: Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks in an Interfaith Marriage,

by Paul Cowan, Rachel Cowan. Penguin USA, 1989.

A classic text still used by couples encountering the challenges of interfaith marriage.

The Guide to Jewish Interfaith Family Life: An Handbook,

by Ronnie Friedland (Editor), Edmund Case (Editor). Jewish Lights, 2001.

Thoughtful essays documenting first-hand experiences of interfaith families. Including a preface by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, JOI Executive Director

Available from the publisher Jewish Lights

Strangers to the Tribe: Portraits of Interfaith Marriage,
by Gabrielle Glaser. Houghton Mifflin, 1997.

A compassionate and thoughtful account of eleven families juggling issues of ethnicity, class and religion.

Welcome to the Family! Opening Doors to the Jewish Experience, by Lois Sussman Shenker, White Cloud Press, 2001.

Addresses issues and information in a warm, welcoming manner, interspersing personal family stories with the basics of the Jewish experience.

122 Clues for Jews Whose Children Intermarry,
by Sidney J. Jacobs, Betty J. Jacobs, Jacobs, Ladder, 1988.

A practical and light-hearted guide offering information and advice for parents adjusting to their child's intermarriage.

Love and Tradition: Marriage Between Jews and Christians,

by Egon Mayer. Plenum Press, 1985.

A sociological overview of interfaith marriage based on a nationwide survey of over 400 couples.
The Intermarriage Handbook: A Guide for Jews & Christians,
by Judy Petsonk and Jim Remsen, Quill, 1991.

A "hands-on" book containing practical information for interfaith couples and their families. This book includes written and verbal exercises, to be completed together by couples, which focus on feelings surrounding interfaith issues.

What to Do When You're Dating a Jew: Everything You Need to Know from Matzah Balls to Marriage,
by Vikki Weiss and Jennifer A. Block, Crown, 2000.

A very basic and whimsical introduction to American Jewish culture.