JOI publishes both booklets for the intermarried and their loved ones as well as longer works on the demographic and sociological aspects of interfaith marriage. We strive to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible for all those in our midst and recognize that in some of our older publications, the phrase “intermarried” is used without also including “interpartnered” as we do now.  We have always welcomed participation of all who would join us, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.  

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Books & Booklets
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Choosing Judaism:
An Opportunity for Everyone

by David W. Belin

Welcoming The Intermarried
Into Your Jewish Family

by David G. Sacks

Everyday Wisdom for our Friends and Family, JOI 2005 [.PDF doc., 2MB]

Practical Meditations on an Inclusive Jewish Community, JOI 2006 [.PDF doc., 2MB]

A Welcoming Covenant: Inclusive Supplements to the Weekly Torah Portions, JOI 2007 [.pdf doc., 3mb]

Jewish Holidays: JOI's Guide for Making the Holidays More Inclusive, JOI 2008 [.pdf doc., 3mb]

Field Guide to an Inclusive Jewish Community, JOI 2009 [.pdf doc., 2mb]



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JOI maintains an extensive bibliography on intermarriage, containing cites from books and journals spanning the past century. Because of sheer number of entries, it is easier to choose a specific way to view those entries. We've created several ways that this resource can be accessed. If you have suggestions for other books to add, please contact the Webmaster.
Basic Just want the basics? Here you'll find general books on intermarriage and related topics that other readers have told us were helpful to them.

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