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Making Jewish Outreach Work
Promoting Jewish Continuity Among the Intermarried

The essays in this volume represent the proceedings of A National Conference on Intermarriage. Contributors include: Steven Bayme, David Belin, Ephraim Buchwald, Henry Cohen, Susan Daube & Sidney Furst, Irving Yitz Greenberg, Dru Greenwood, Frances Degan Horowitz, Eleanore Judd, Harold Kushner, Egon Mayer, Steven Heneson Moskowitz, and Alan Silverstein.

Price: $20.00 140 pages

The Ripple Effect: Interfaith Families Speak Out by Rela Mintz Geffen & Egon Mayer

Filled with poignant insights and personal reflections of couples and their parents on how they might be better served by the organized Jewish community. Published by the B'nai B'rith Center for Jewish Identity and the Jewish Outreach Institute.

Price: $5.00 38 pages

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The Imperatives of Jewish Outreach edited by Egon Mayer

The essays in this volume represent the proceedings of the 1990 National Conference on Jewish Intermarriage. Including essays by such prominent Jewish communal observers as Daniel Yankelovich, David Belin, Perry London, Barry Kosmin, Egon Mayer and many others, this compilation has special sections devoted to communal programs and policies for synagogues, JCCs and other local institutions as well as broader perspectives for Jewish community planning, and insights into the psychology of Jewish identity formation in intermarriages.

Price $20.00 192 Pgs.

Jewish Intermarriage in its Social Context edited by Paul Ritterband

A collection of essays focusing on interfaith and interethnic marriage from the vantage points of professional anthropology, demography, economics and sociology. Ideal for academics as well as communal planners and decision makers, this publication includes significant contributions by: Richard D. Alba; Carmel U. Chiswick and Evelyn Lehrer; Walter P. Zenner; Ariela Keysar, Barry A. Kosmin, Nava Lerer and Egon Mayer; Paul Ritterband; and Sergio Della Pergola.

Price $15.00 116 Pgs.

Journal of Jewish Communal Service, Vol. 66, No.3

The essays in this volume include the proceedings of the 1989 Paul Cowan Memorial Conference on Jewish Intermarriage. Written by prominent personalities in the modern Jewish community, these essays deal with both the history,demography, and sociology of intermarriage as well as with the psychodynamics of intermarried family life and strategies of community programming. In addition, this journal includes essays by Joel Crohn, Melvin Mogulof, and Judy Petsonk.

Price $7.00 110 Pgs.

  Choosing Judaism: An Opportunity for Everyone by David W. Belin

Writen by a layman for laymen, this publication is a brief and easily accessible introduction to the basic unifying ideals of Judaism as well as the diversity of ideals, practices and communities that make up the religious and cultural tapestry of American and world Jewry. Designed for people who lack familiarity with the subject, this publication makes an ideal non- judgmental introduction to Judaism for the partners of Jews in interdating or interfaith marriage relationships.

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Welcoming The Intermarried Into Your Jewish Family by David G. Sacks

This booklet, written by a deeply committed Jewish lay leader who himself has gone through the experience, is a sensitive guide to both parents and interfaith dating and married couples. Its goal is to secure family harmony as well as to strengthen the potential forJewish continuity in all families. Its message is plain: the magic word, for our children's and grandchildren's sake, is "Welcome." This short booklet offers helpful hints on how to translate that magic word into reality.

Price: First copy, free. Bulk orders: 50 for $75.00

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Everyday Wisdom for our Friends and Family by the Jewish Outreach Institute, 2005

This short book was written by the JOI staff in honor of 2005 Outreach Hall of Fame inductees Emily and Eugene Grant and distributed at the First Annual JOI Tribute Dinner. It offers affirmations about inclusion of intermarried families to a wide variety of people including the intermarried themselves, parents of intermarried children, children of intermarried parents, unaffiliated Jews, GLBT Jews, multiracial Jews, and others who the Jewish community must welcome more warmly.

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Practical Meditations on an Inclusive Jewish Community by the Jewish Outreach Institute, 2006

This short book was written by the JOI staff in honor of 2006 Outreach Hall of Fame inductees Jerry and Roger Tilles and distributed at the Second Annual JOI Tribute Dinner. It offers relevant affirmations and "practical meditations" on the issue of Jewish intermarriage that can help individuals see things from a broader perspective.

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