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Are you celebrating the High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but didn't grow up celebrating the holiday yourself?

FREE! Prep Class for the High Holidays:
Through hands-on activities and stimulating discussion, participants will explore the "how-tos" and purpose behind the various High Holiday rituals; examine some of the prayers one will hear in synagogue and in the home; and learn the virtues of some traditional Rosh Hashanah foods and the concepts behind fasting for Yom Kippur! Participants will also discover ways to answer their children's questions and discuss some of the intricacies of participating in--or even hosting!--a Jewish holiday celebration when you yourself are not Jewish.

For more information, contact The Mothers Circle National Coordinator, Sarah Sechan, at or 212-760-1440.

Holiday Resource Guides from The Mothers Circle and Shalom Sesame!

The Mothers Circle is excited to collaborate with Shalom Sesame on a collection of free holiday resource guides for moms of The Mothers Circle to share with their children. These free guides offer explanations of the holidays, along with links to videos, discussion questions, and activities.

Check out the latest holiday resource guide for Shavuot by clicking here, and view the rest of the holiday resource guides by visiting Holiday Resource Guides from The Mothers Circle and Shalom Sesame.


The Mothers Circle Self-Guide:

Additionally, we are now proud to offer The Mothers Circle Self-Guide, a practical tool to accompany the book How to Raise Jewish Children... Even When You're Not Jewish Yourself by Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky and Paul Golin. Those who use the Self-Guide will be able to reflect on the stories, recommendations, and questions posed in How to Raise Jewish Children…, as well as further articulate their goals and determine the choices they will make as they raise their Jewish children. By creating an introspective guide that a mother can work through alone at any given time, JOI hopes to serve more mothers who, whether due to geography or other commitments, may have previously felt alone in the venture to raise Jewish children.


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The Mothers Circle Listserve:
A free moderated email discussion group where women of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children can share experiences, ask questions, and get practical answers.
The Mothers Circle Self-Guide:
A free worksheet of helpful questions to supplement the book, How to Raise Jewish Children-Even When You're Not Jewish Yourself (download the first three chapters free).
The Mothers Circle Course:
A free, in-person, 16-session educational course that explores the "how-tos" and meaning behind Jewish practices, ethics, and holidays, offered in communities across the U.S. and Canada.
The Mothers Circle Mini-Course:
A free, in-person, three-session workshop that provides an overview and guide to Jewish parenting.
The Mothers Circle Holiday Prep-Classes:
Free, in-person, one-time events before the major Jewish holidays that demonstrate the practical as well as meaningful aspects of the holiday and how to share them with children.