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Childrens Books

Rabbi Susan Abramson, Rabbi Rocketpower and the Half-Baked Matzah Mystery – A Particularly Peculiar Passover, Oak Leaf Systems, October 2009.

This is a whimsical telling of one family’s unusual Passover seder where a magical, morphing matzah creature wreaks havoc.  A highlight of the book is the kid-friendly glossary in the back that accessibly explains Passover vocabulary.


Deborah Bodin Cohen, Lilith's Ark: Teenage Tales of Biblical Women. Jewish Publication Society of America, 2006.
This beautifully written collection is useful for young women of varied religious affiliations and the adults who mentor them. It speaks of heroism and creative spirit in a way that is attractive and encouraging.

Deborah Bodin Cohen, Papa Jethro. Kar-Ben Publishing, 2007
This tale of a non-Jewish grandfather and his Jewish granddaughter provides a good understanding of how people can have different beliefs but still love each other, written in a language that is easy for children to understand.

Harriet Goldner, Two Grandmothers to Love. Harriet Goldner, LLC, 2006.
Heart-warming tale about two grandmothers [one Jewish, one Christian] reinforces theme of how much both grandmothers love their grandchildren.

James Howe, Kaddish for Grandpa in Jesus' Name. Amen. Atheneum Publishing, May 2004
When Emily's grandfather passes away, her family mourns for him in two ways: with a Christian funeral because Grandpa was a Christian, and a Jewish service because Emily's family is Jewish. Emily finds her own way to honor her grandpa, as well. Beautiful illustrations.

Neil Phillip, The Pirate Princess and Other Fairy Tales. Arthur A. Levine Books, 2005
Philip has retold four fairy tales and three short parables attributed to Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav, a noted Hasidic Jewish scholar and teacher in the early 19th century. From full page scenes to small vignettes, the illustrations by Mark Webber capture the wit, drama, and occasional comedy of the tales.

Susan Remick Topek, Ten Good Rules: A Counting Book. Kar-Ben Publishing, 2006.
Using 50 carefully chosen words and photographs of preschoolers interacting with friends and family, the Ten Commandments have been recast in positive, child friendly language to make them easier for children to understand. The book concludes with the message that these ten good rules continue to be important to us today.

Patricia Polloco, The Trees of the Dancing Goats. New York: Aladdin, 2000.
It is a wonderful story of a Jewish family who reaches out to their Christian neighbors during the hoilday season. It presents the beauty of Hannukah and the beauty of Christmas and is able to capture the true essence of both.