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Linda Amster, The New York Times Passover Cookbook. New York: Morrow Cookbooks, 1999.
This book contains more than two hundred Passover recipes. The salmon gefilte fish “requires quite a bit of prep, but believe me, you will receive raves -- and I mean raves!” Also, “there are a ton of recipes in this book that you would make every day because they are so yummy.” (recommended by Alicia from New York)

Jayne Cohen, Jewish Holiday Cooking: A Food Lovers Treasury of Classics and Interpretations. Wiley, 2008
This book is not only is it full of great recipes (categorized by holiday), but it also provides a bunch of interesting historical information.

Gloria Green, Jewish Holiday Cooking. New York: Crown, 1985.
This book offers delicious recipes for every Jewish holiday. (recommended by Alicia from New York)

Jody Hirsch, Idy Goodman, Aggie Goldenholz, and Susan Roth, Tastes of Jewish Tradition: Recipes, Activities & Stories for the Whole Family. Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee, 2002.
Winner of the Writer's Digest National Self Published Book Award and a Parents' Choice Foundation recommendation, this is a colorful and unique resource guide and cookbook created by Jewish educators and parents.

Gil Marks, Olive Trees and Honey: A Treasury of Vegetarian Recipes from Jewish Communities Around the World. Wiley, 2004.
A Celebration of Classic Jewish Vegetarian Cooking that spans three millennia and the extraordinary geographical breadth of the Jewish diaspora from Persia to Ethiopia, Romania to France.

Joan Nathan, Jewish Cooking in America by Joan Nathan. New York: Knopf, 1998.
These recipes represent the cooking traditions from all over America and the various countries that they came from. It presents a wide variety of recipes from different regions, all appealing and delicious. (Recommended by Avery from California)

Joan Nathan, The Children's Jewish Holiday Kitchen: 70 Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids and Make Your Holiday Celebrations Special. New York: Schocken , 1995.
This book has recipes for a variety of Jewish holidays. It also has craft ideas and explanations of holidays. “I’m not a great cook and I don’t know many Jewish dishes, but it shows step by step how to make challah with your kids and it turns out very well-though I recommend making 2 loaves with it unless you are serving a huge family. It tells what the kids can do and what adult does in the cooking process. I needed the step by step approach. It is a fun activity to do with the kids about Shabbat.” (Recommended by Vicki from Ohio)

Jane Breskin Zalben , Beni’s Family Cookbook for the Jewish Holidays. New York: Harry Holt and Company LLC, 1996.
This book offers delicious tradition Jewish recipes and illustrations of a charming family of bears. A great way to get your kids excited about Jewish cooking! (recommended by Avery from California)