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Jewish Holidays

Elie M. Gindi, Family Haggadah: A Seder for All Generations. Behrman House, 2007.
This short, easy-to-follow haggadah featuring translation, transliteration, colorful pictures, and musical notes is accessible to those of all ages and backgrounds.

Judyth Saypol Groner, My Very Own Haggadah: A Seder Service for Young Children. Kar-Ben Publishing, 1999.
A popular children's haggadah, which includes pages for coloring. Recommended for children ages 3 to 8.

Robert Kopman, 30 Minute Seder. 2007
A Passover hagaddah that is very interfaith friendly in its brevity and clear explanations. (Suzette from Atlanta)

Mishael Zion and Noam Zion, A Night to Remember: The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices. Zion Holiday Publications, 2007.
This attractice, modern haggadah contains a variety of sources, quotations, illustrations, activity suggestions, and commentary. Recommended if you are looking for a more in-depth resource for your seder.

Shimon Apisdorf Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur Survival Kit.
Leviathan Press, 1997.
An introduction to the High Holidays that explains the meaning and beauty of the holidays with humor and accessibility.

Ronald H. Isaacs, Kerry Olitzky, Sacred Celebrations: A Jewish Holiday Handbook. Ktav Publishing House, 1994.
In a clear and consise, step by step format, this book provides an evocative and useful guide to both the synagogue and home family celebration.

Meredith Jacobs, The Modern Jewish Mom's Guide to Shabbat. Harper Paperbacks, 2007.
Whether you are reform, conservative, or modern orthodox, newly converted or non–Jewish in an inter–faith marriage, this book will teach you about traditions, making new ones, and most importantly, how to connect with our children.

Kerry Olitzky and Daniel Judson. Jewish Holidays: A Brief Introduction for Christians. Woodstock, VT: Jewish Lights Publishing, 2006
This book makes a fascinating journey through the Jewish Holidays, pointing out what each one shares with the Christian tradition. This is a great book to help Christian partners gain an understanding of what their tradition shares with Judaism.

Michael Strassfield, The Jewish Holidays: A Guide and Commentary. HarperCollins, 1985
An overview and explanation of each Jewish holiday and its associated rituals.