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Music for Young Children

Rabbi Joe Black, Aleph Bet Boogie. Sounds Write Productions, 1990.
According to Mothers Circle participant Lisa Villalta, Rabbi Joe Black sings “wonderful and fun music.” His Aleph Bet Boogie combines elements of folk, swing, salsa, and rock. Songs like “Afikomen Mambo” and “Build a Sukkah” will not only familiarize your children with Passover and Sukkot, but will have them ready to celebrate the holidays at any time of the year!

Mama Doni, I Love Herring (And Other Fish Shticks Too). Mama Doni Productions, 2008
This first album release by Mama Doni (a.k.a. Doni Zasloff Thomas) is extremely upbeat and family-friendly – enough so to be awarded the 2008 Simcha Award for “Inspiring Joy Through Music” at the International Jewish Musical Festival in Amsterdam, Holland. The original songs about Jewish holidays and customs will have your young kids singing and “dancing their hearts out,” but be warned says Mothers Circle participant, Pam Chernoff, “You will wake up in the middle of the night with ‘no more pasta only matzah’ or something else running through your head!”

Judy Caplan Ginsburg, Shalom Yeladim, Hello Children. 1998.
Lisa Villalta recommends Judy Caplan Ginsburg as a “good base for CD collections,” and Shalom Yeladim, Hello Children is a great place to start. The CD is perfect for your pre-school aged children, who may be learning these very songs in Tot Shabbat, Jewish pre-school or Sunday school. Judy Ginsburg sings with warmth and ease through popular (and easy!) Hebrew songs, blessings, and holiday melodies. Your children will feel right at home.

Sheldon Low, Look At Me! Jewish Rock Records, 2010.
As a musician, Sheldon Low infuses rock and a singer-songwriter style into his albums for Jewish children. His album, Look at Me!, uses creative lyrics in Hebrew and English to introduce Jewish themes like caring for the human body and for our environment. In addition, he uses traditional American songs that many of us grew up with in order to make Hebrew accessible and easy-to-learn (see tracks “The Itsy Bitsy Achavesh” and “Twinkle Twinkle Cochavim”).

Stephanie Schneiderman, Lisa Schneiderman, and Kim Palumbis, Oy Baby. OyBaby, 2003.
“My girls love Oy Baby” says Mothers Circle participant, Monique Haskins. The collection of CDs and DVDs introduce traditional, fun Hebrew songs to children six months and up. The DVD features the music of the CD, along with puppets and illustrations to introduce the Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew vocabulary, and to teach the joy of giving tzedakah. Both the Oy BaBy CD and DVD will ensure that your child will have positive experience with his/her first encounters with Judaism