Participant Testimonials

“The Mothers Circle was the perfect gift at the perfect time for me as a non-Jewish mom raising Jewish children.”
Cindy Petersiel, course participant

I didn’t have many Jewish resources…I am finally getting the support I need and I feel better. You make a lot of sense. Everyone has been so kind that has written to me.”
Lenore, listserve participant

“As the non-Jewish spiritual leader in a Jewish home I value the experience, advice and moral support of others in similar situations.”
Anne, listserve participant

This course has helped alleviate by own personal doubts/anxiety of how good a ‘Jewish’ role model I can be.”
Anonymous, course participant

“I continue to feel blessed to have found The Mothers Circle. It is a huge comfort to know we are not the only family that has made this journey. It is also important to know that although we marry a Jewish man and a Jewish family that we automatically don't need to know everything. The Mothers Circle has given me the confidence to be proud of my family and to raise strong Jewish children!”
Maria Schwartz, course participant

“It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to any non-Jewish mother raising Jewish children! I came away with lots of kid friendly suggestions that I could implement at home. Also, I was given resources where I could get more information if I needed or wanted. It was a refreshing to meet other mothers struggling through the same issues that I have gone through and continue to go through. Thanks for the great program! It made a difference in my life and those of my family!”
Laura, course participant

“The Mothers Circle has been a wonderful addition to my life. I began exploring Judaism right before this class. I have learned not only how to observe holidays and other traditions, I have also been able to explore my own beliefs. This course was the best thing I could have experienced at this point in my life.”
Anonymous, course participant

“The most valuable thing for me about The Mothers Circle was recognizing that we can be as Jewish as we want to be and do what makes us comfortable rather than conforming to a rigid set of rules and never feeling ‘Jewish enough.’”
Beth P., course participant

"The Mothers circle is so needed in our area... I have to remind people, and myself, that it's up to me to create Jewish memories for my old child. Sometimes I need a little help. I wasn't raised Jewish, so culturally there's a lot to be aware of and learn... I love The Mothers Circle.. and I love seeing all the wonderful mothers (and one father) every Tuesday around the tables eager to learn more about Judaism."
Gina Gory, course participant (To read Gina's full story, click here.)