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Alicia Scotti

Alician Scotti is the mother of two beauties – Leah & Matt. Her home is in NYC. She was raised as a devout Catholic, but chose to raise her children as Jews when she married her lovely husband Joseph some 23 years ago.


Elizabeth, 43, lives in Austin, TX with her Husband Al and two daughters, Sarah and Katie. She is a small business owner. She was raised Catholic.


Christine is the product of "intermarriage ”: Her mother was raised Catholic; her father was raised Episcopal. In an attempt to avoid religion altogether, she was sent to a Quaker school for grades K-8 and as a young adult was active with the Society of Friends (Quakers). In 1999, she received her PhD degree and the next day went to the mikvah to complete her conversion to Judaism. Thus, within a 24-hour period, she became a Jewish doctor. Her mother-in-law kvelled when her son married a nice Jewish doctor. She lives in Maryland with her husband; their two daughters aged 8 and 6; and their dog, Siri.